Broaden your petz horizons with some fun new locations to explore! Make sure to place them inside your game's Resource\Area folder, and any external sounds go inside the Playscene Editor folder. Also, use the Playscene Converter to fix sound issues with custom scenes.

Day Room - petz 4 & petz 5
A dayroom playscene for your petz to relax in. There's plenty of ledges to sit things on or for your petz to jump on, they can gaze out the window and relax on the sofa.

Hillside - petz 4 & petz 5
A spooky hillside for your petz to enjoy on Halloween.

Winter Forest - petz 4 & petz 5
Made for the 2006 Winter Hunt.

Stormy Meadow - petz 4 & petz 5 | external sounds
Let your petz romp in the meadow and listen to the sounds of an approaching storm. P4 users: place the external sounds inside the Resource\Playscene Editor folder. P5 users might not need to download the external sounds.

Bathroom - petz 4 & petz 5
I've always felt that the game needed a bathroom--the perfect place to groom your petz. There's various toyz throughout the Petz Community that would fit perfectly in such a room, such as the Babyz converted bathtub at PDH.

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