Middle Night is a fansite based on the PF. Magic/Ubisoft game series called Petz! Find out more about it here and here.

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You're currently viewing layout #27, featuring my dali mix Fjórtán, Belarius the black, white & blue cali mix, and Calvert above! All of which were bred here. :D My layouts are usually best viewed in a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080. I have no idea what they look like on smaller screens as I cannot adjust mine any further, so I apologize if they do not look so good on yours.

I hope you enjoy your visit and please don't forget to refresh the pages for the latest updates!

Middle Night is hosted by the wonderful Luli! <3
-- Kel

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OCTOBER 28TH, 2023

I've gone around and made a few minor updates or touch-ups throughout the site - nothing that's all that noticable but thought I'd mention. Plus I've updated and/or removed a few old or dead site links and added a few new ones. Also, there's four new stamps for you to collect! I wish there were more goodies for this update but unfortunately that's it for now. Happy Fall and Happy October!

JANUARY 27TH, 2023

YAY another update! Happy holidays, belated and upcoming! Firstly, gotta say I am still without internet at home *eyeroll* BUT I bring forth goodies! Updated the info and the links pages. There's a new clique to check out and I added some new stamps! Also, you should check out the breeds page for I have added two new files (4 technically but whatev). Basically most pages got a little bit of a touch up, but those are the big ones.

AUGUST 4TH, 2022

Finally! Can't believe it's been a couple of years since I could update.

Firstly, there were some issues with rainbow-muffin.org for a while but my gracious host Luli was able to get things sorted out so Middle Night is up again! Secondly, I still won't be able to update much as I don't have internet access at home and I don't know how much longer it will be before we get that taken care of as it's, annoyingly, not in my control. I still lurk around the forums here and there but my ability to participate is kinda limited at this time. The important thing is that access to the site's content is still kept available. If there's any issues remaining please let me know.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer/winter, depending on whatever part of the hemisphere you reside!

Orca Whales Ferrets


If you're looking to get in touch with me my email is xxmobjack@gmail.com. You can also find me on Whiskerwick under the username Kelastic, or Kelistic at RKC. I'm also Kel #9053 on all the various Petz discord servers if you're looking for me there.

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