PF.Magic Official Downloads

These are the extra files that PF.Magic released way back in 1998/1999/2000 for Petz 3 and 4. Here they've been extracted and zipped for your convenience!


Art Deco Clock * Brown Picture Frame * Marble Vase
Download Deco Set

Sunflower Seeds * Violet Seeds * Carnation Seeds * Carrot Seeds
Download Seed Pack

Roach Motel * Love Potion * Soccer Ball * Tennis Ball * Chewy Sneaker
Download Toy Pack

Menorah * Jack O'Lantern * Xmas Tree * Xmas Ornament Box * Xmas Light Box
Download Holiday Pack

Antennae * Cowboy Hat * Devil Horns

Bunny Costume * Uncle Sam Costume * Witch Costume

Pilgrim Costume * Reindeer Costume * Santa Costume

Desert Camo * Jungle Camo * Duck PJs * Heart Outfit

Golf Outfit * Ski Outfit * TieDye Outfit


Snow Scene + Coal Bag & Snowballz


Auto Feeder * Vacuum * Dog Bed * Skateboard
Download Toy Pack

Exotic Seeds I * Exotic Seeds II
Download Seeds Pack

Snow Globe * Easter Basket
Shake the snow globe in the backyard--see what happens! The easter eggs are a tasty treat!

Elf Costume * Winter Outfit
Download Clothes

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