Accessories to prettttiiify your petz (and babyz! :o) with! Place them in your Resource\Clothes folder.

petz 3 :: petz 4 :: petz 5

Little Bows (pack 1)
Based off the annoyingly huge pink bow that comes with the game, I've shrunk it down and made lots of extra colors!

petz 3 :: petz 4 :: petz 5

Little Bows (pack 2)
More little bows in 10 additional colors.

UPDATE: I've made some slight modifications to all the bows, thanks to some tips from Buck @ Medusa!


A Better White Diaper
A slightly modified white diaper so that instead of an unpleasant, flat off-white color, it is now a nicely textured white. This overwrites the original, so please be sure to make a backup!

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