Adoption pages don't get as much attention these days as they once did, since much of that now happens on places like forums, etc.. and that is where the majority of my adoptions can be found, but from time to time I may post some here. If you'd like to see what all I might have on offer, look me up on Whiskerwick, RKC, or check out my auctions at The Flea Market!

All of my petz are bred in and . It's safe to assume that these petz are most likely inbred and trimmed, unless noted differently.

If you have any questions about a pet or would like to see more pictures, you're welcome to ask!

None available at this time.


* All petz are freebies unless otherwise specified (such as "MPA"), but it never hurts to write something.
* You may only apply for two petz per day.
* You can change the pet's name, gender or hex eyelids if you want.
* The show prefix is "MN" if you intend to show the pet (example: MN/your prefix).
* If you no longer want the pet please respectfully mpa or return to me, no problem.
* Please do not put up for download, sell/auction, trade or use for a grabbag.

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subject: adopt "pet's name"

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