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Middle Night is a fansite based on the PF. Magic/Ubisoft game series called Petz. You can find out more about that by checking out this wikipedia article. Our focus here is a sprinkling of downloads and mostly adoptions, which are bred in Petz 3 and 4, so everyone can adopt!

You're currently viewing layout #26, featuring the beautiful dali Spectrum hexed by Alena @ Moonflower, and the awesome Ember hexed by Pya. My layouts are usually best viewed in a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080. I have no idea what they look like on smaller screens as I cannot adjust mine any further, so I apologize if they do not look so good on yours.

Anyhow, enjoy your visit and don't forget to refresh the pages!

Middle Night is hosted by the wonderful Luli! <3
-- Kel

.....the sisters.....

MARCH 10TH, 2019.....

I'm still around, no worries. The PLAN is to have a layout put up for Spring...but we'll see how that goes. I've also been working on some other goodies to add, so at least I do have plenty of interest to work on petz-related projects, I just need more energy and time.

*crosses fingers*

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Orca Whales Ferrets

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