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Here you will find some goodies I made for your game! Every now and then I find myself in the mood to make something, so be sure to check back. Don't claim to have made what you didn't create and you can share all you want.

Looking for something really special? Check out the Official Add-ons page.


Pink Nose Alley Overwrite
petz 4
As requested, here is the Alley Cat with a pink nose instead of black. It's pretty darn cute and I have fun breeding with it.

Persian Overwrite
petz 3 & petz 4
I felt the file was a bit lacking so I added a few extra coat and eye colors. The file overwrites the original persian so be sure to back that up and put it somewhere safe in case you ever need it again.


petz 3 & petz 4 & petz 5

Little Bows
I was tired of the annoyingly huge pink bow that comes with the game, so I decided to shrink it down to a much more suitable size and make some extra colors! They all appear in the clothes closet as themselves.


Day Room - petz 4 & petz 5
A dayroom playscene for your petz to relax in. There's plenty of ledges to sit things on or for your petz to jump on, they can gaze out the window and relax on the sofa. Yes, I know the sofa looks funky, pardon my slightly beginner scene-making skills at that time. :P

Hillside - petz 4 & petz 5
A spooky hillside for your petz to enjoy on Halloween.

Winter Forest - petz 4 & petz 5
A winter scene I made for I think the 2006 winter hunt.

Stormy Meadow - petz 4 & petz 5
My favorite playscene! Let your petz romp in the meadow and listen to the sounds of an approaching storm. P4 users - if you can't hear the sounds then run the scene through the Playscene Converter. That should fix it.

Bathroom - petz 4 & petz 5
I've always felt that the game needed a bathroom--the perfect place to groom your petz. There's various toyz throughout the Petz Community that would fit perfectly in such a room, such as the Babyz converted bathtub at PDH. I hope you enjoy this scene--it's one of my favorites!
* note: the cabinet doors and sink are not functional but you can put things inside the cabinet. I tried to add the functions but the game didn't seem to like that very much, it sometimes would cause the kitchen to not show up. Maybe I'll update the scene if I can better figure out how to do it and get it to work right.


The Playscene Converter is a program that can fix sound issues in your custom Petz 4 playscenes. Please note that I did not make this program; it originated from APKC, which is now gone.

Info as quoted from APKC:
"This program is for Petz 4 only. DO NOT use it for other versions of Petz.

The Play Scene Converter program was written by my hubby Andy. We have noticed that more than half the people using the Playscene Editor in Petz 4 either couldn't hear sounds in their finished scene, or couldn't get downloaded Play Scenes to show up. Well now you can do both!

By using this new program you can convert the sounds so you can hear them and convert downloaded Play Scenes to make them show up. The Play Scene Converter Package is a .exe file; the size of the file is 41kb.

Unzip its contents into 1 folder--the default is C:\Play Scene Converter. To use the program close Petz 4, then double click on the Play Scene Converter.exe file contained in the Play Scene Converter folder. Enjoy your new Play Scenes!!

Disclaimer: I hold no responsibility if this program causes any damage to your computer or software. The Play scene Converter is designed for Windows 95, 98, XP and 2000."



The Runaway Rescue program was originally made by Firebird of MK&C, which seems to have disappeared. This program will help bring back your runaway petz, with instructions in the program to show you how to do it. PLEASE be sure to make a back-up of your .pet files BEFORE running them through the runaway rescue program as there is always the risk of corrupting and losing the pet forever.


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